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Kansas Environmental Health Association

Affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association


The Joint Committee for the Credentialing of Sanitarians (JCCS) Inc. is the organization that executes a voluntary registration program for Registered Sanitarians/Registered Environmental Health Specialists (RS/REHS) in the State of Kansas. Currently, the only examination/testing available to new candidates for registration are the exams and tests provided through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). See their website for requirements at

Those Sanitarians (and Environmental Specialists) currently registered with JCCS, can track their continued education credits units/hours (CEU) with JCCS. Newer Sanitarians (for Environmental Specialist) that have recently passed a professional examination, can also apply to JCCS for memebership and tracking of their CEUs. Sanitarians or Environmental Specialists registered with other state organization outside of Kansas, may apply to JCCS for reciprocal registration and be accepted after examination of their experience and training.  

To apply for membership or request additional information contact:  

Doris Leslie


City of Wichita - Environmental Assessment & Remediation (EAR)


There are two reference books that every environmental health office should have.

They are:

* Environmental Engineering

Joseph A. Salvato - fifth edition

* Sanitarian's Handbook: Theory & Administrative Practice for Environmental Health

Dr.Benjamin Freedman, M.D. - 4th edition

Studying for the R.S. exam

In addition to the study material recommended by NEHA ( here are lists of free websites that can be used as study resources to prepare for the Registered Sanitarian exam.  

Many extension bulletins are on-line in pdf files and can be downloaded for free. Here is K-State's search page for extension bulletins

Just type the topic in the search box.

Asbestos and Mesothelioma

 Jasmine McCarthy (321) 209-1391 Public Outreach

 Mesothelioma Center at

Study Material Available-

KEHA has the following references available to help study for the REHS/RS exam, the CFSP, and the Registered Environmental Technician exam. The REHS/RS study information include: Environmental Engineering and Sanitation with supplement and NEHA REHS/RS Study Guide. CFSP study materials include Principles of Food Sanitation, Handbook for Safefood Service Management, and the complete set of Serve Safe Tapes. The Registered Environmental Technician Study Guide is also available for that exam. If interested in checking these materials out please contact KEHA Librarian Mason at (785) 628-9449 or e-mail [email protected].  


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