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Kansas Environmental Health Association

Affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association

SAVE LEPP Funding (Pease check blog entries for updates)


The KEHA Board is sure that all of you are aware of the FY2012 Budget proposal by the Governor to eliminate the LEP Program. In the discussions that we have had with sanitarians there are varied responses to this news.Some counties completely rely on this funding to maintain the program while others who rely on the money less will also be affected. The loss of even a few counties could have negative affets on our association, our profession in general, and to the environment and public health in the state of Kansas. Contamination to our rivers does not stop at county lines. It’s important to EVERYONE to do his/her part to fight the elimination of the LEP Program. Members of KEHA have been working very hard to create some guidance for you in the discussions that you would be having with your local legislators, commissioners, health dept directors, etc.   

Attached are four documents to help you prepare for the conversations that we need to be having. Here is a breakdown of the documents… 

LEPP Review

This is the history of the program and was supplied by Don Snethen. It is very clearly written and a good way for sanitarians to educate themselves on our history. Make sure you read through this to be prepared to answer questions regarding our history.

Testimony on LEPP 2 4 11

This is a stand alone document intended to be used to support our testimony with a couple of pages of written documentation that could be handed to legislators, commissioners or others.

LEPP Talking Points

This is four pages of talking points intended to be used along with the Testimony pages to broaden and strengthen any presentation given to legislators, commissioners, or others.

Resolution for County Commission Support of the LEP Program

This is intended to be taken to EVERY County Commissioner in the state over the next week or so to be signed and then submitted to KEHA to show commissioners’ support.

We would like to have the resolutions signed as soon as possible, and we would like to see as many of the 105 counties represented as possible. Most commissioners meet once a week, so if you can get just a few minutes of their time to present the resolution, and have them give their support, that would be great. Once you have this document signed, please fax that to 785-826-6610.  

Thank you all for your support and lets not go down without a fight!!


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